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Allied International Credit - AIC Letter received ((SCAM))!!! 6 of 6 people found it helpful
Question is EBay do not use them, so where did they get my Email address, my ex directory house number and my mobile number. This a clear case of Data protection being used fraudulently. I according to EBay owe nothing. E Bay do not use this company or method of debt collecting. Canadian goverment should do something but it looks like their sense of rule of Law is a joke, well done Canada. Meanwhile I will continue to ignore these illiterate ,...
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I received a letter in todays mail stating I owe ebay $44.08 First of all no information was provided in this letter account # was XXXX out. Not dated, no transaction info of what, when or anything provided. Letter states to forward my payment to JASON HENNING in "CAPS" and to call him with my payment option I am choosing.... LMAO! I haven't even used ebay in YEARS! (2) addresses on letter: AIC Allied International Credit Corp.(US) DEPT #...
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